Never ending


4 more days to O-level. The thought of it excites me but scares me at the same time..

I am going to take things one step at a time…

I cannot answer that i am ready for it… step at a time..

Just this morning..i suddenly thought about the limitations of human relationships…

As in terms of how many close friends can a person make?

Close friends..meaning taking that special effort to know that person’s background, share common interests and constantly keeping in touch day in and day out..

Is it possible to have 200 close friends? Possible and to achieve that, you need millons of years for it..

I could not possibly make 30 close friends because this is not in my character..

I am just simply contented with making a few close friends..and i will make sure that the relationship is super strong..

And so it happens that there is a sharp distinction between the way i treat my friends and my good friends..

Not that i want to..anyway

But its hard for me to take that special effort to know each of my friends personally..

Random thoughts coursing through my head…coming soon next time:)


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