School is unoffically over…

Today was the last day of school lessons…

It ended the way i wanted, peaceful and serene with a quietful calm..

Just like the way when i first entered into secondary school..

Seeing my friends and classmates laughing and taking photos to keep as mementos..i am happy for them

The bunch of memories bulit up over the last four years cannot be contained or kept anywhere else execpt in my heart..

There were good experiences and bad situations…all these things formed and moulded my character

I never regret..

I sincerely wish my friends all the best for their upcoming O-level examinations..

I want everyone to be smiling on the day they received their results..that their efforts would not be in vain..

Friends Forever Poem

A promise for eternal devotion that goes beyond the grave.

Being A Friend

© Trenda N. Sparks

We have something that holds us together
Something that made us both better
Something called being a friend
It makes the fun never end
And it helps me to know that when
I am down and blue
Because you’re my friend
I can count on you
We run through life without a care
Would anyone try to part us?
They wouldn’t dare
And when the time comes for me to go
I really want for you to know
That even though my life has come to and end
I will never stop being your friend

Poem Source: Being A Friend, Friends Forever Poems


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