Busy surfing through websites just now..

I found it meaningless…i have no idea what exactly i am using computer purpose

Unless you got something that you need…or want..using the internet is really meaningless..

Its just like shopping..if you do not have anything in mind..walking through rows and rows of shops is useless.

That is why i do not love shopping. I can get all the things in the world but if i actually do not need it..what is the point?

So i blog..i found it more meaningful..being able to slow down and realise that i am still the same deep inside in a ever changing world

I disagree that money buys happiness….

People say that those people who disagree are those people who never experience the life of being rich before..

Is that true? No..

I would rather be poor and be in a loving family rather than being in a rich but broken family driven by greed..

Of course being rich does not equal to no happiness..absolute no

Its just like all enzymes are proteins but not all proteins are enzymes..

What is your defintion of happiness? Its a fact that you cannot be happy every single second but you can choose to be positive.

Happiness to me? Contentment, living a meaningful be able to say i have no be a stronger person..

Just basically getting through every circumstance with HOPE.

Its the small little things that keeps me happy..

The small act of kindness..

The simple touch of concern..

The little funny and sometimes lame jokes..

All these acts keeps me happy and refreshed:)


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