Love to observe

In the midst of busy prepartions for the upcoming O-level…

I always tend to reflect more..Appreciate more

Its always when i encounter stressful times like this..that i really stop and think about my life..

I love to observe people..

Their actions and behaviour shows a special quality about each one of them…..

Or simply put, i am interested in people with different personalities..especially in a group..the difference is even more obvious..

We all observe..right?

Of course right emphasis is on studies..but i cannot place total emphasis on it also..

Its not my life…its just a part of it..

I love literature. Thanks to literature, i became more aware of the little small things around me, gained new perspectives of life and to realise that each person has different shining qualities even though there are the bad side too.

Complement literature with history..the blend is awesome..history is to learn the past events and avoid making the same mistakes that people in the past has done…

Life becomes more meaningful with literature..the expression of people’s thoughts and feelings

Although at this moment in time, i could not be possibly be unleashing all my thoughts but i will someday..


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