8 more days…..

This coming week will be so called the last week of school lessons..

By now, i do not care about how others thought or say about me…

I did that on Friday with a clear conscience…

It might seems that i am harming on the surface to many people..

But in fact its actually the opposite deep down inside..but even she could not see it

I have just decided to be selfish now…

Studying alone with ear plugs plugged in with music soothing my mood..

Talking only if necessary or to my friends who are really studying for O-level

To all those who are just wanting to waste their life away by dumping O-level..i am just going to heck care..

Its time to really take care of myself..worry for nothing since they are not worrying..

I have certain princples which i had held on to since young…and i will not compromise on it just for anyone..

To all my friends who are busy mugging for O-level..Jiayous! Sleep well too!


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