The nervous anticipation as the man paced up and down the room. The grin of happiness that never left his face since the time he woke up. The knowledge that something special is going to happen today keeps him bursting with boundless enegry. And when it finally occured, no words can describle that priceless moment….and that this will be the day he will never forget. He poured out his excitement with his relatives, friends and even students..

I am one of his students who learnt about it through sms..haha

This man is my history teacher..who just became a father for the second time today

I was very surprised when i read the sms, he did not informed my class that his wife was pregnant earlier..haha

Congrats! What is even cooler is that  his first child shares the same birthday date with this new baby sibling too! haha

Currently He is on reservice! What a perfect time especially since O-level is less than 20 days away…..i cannot blame him too much

So independant learning is a Must..oh well for me it already was..

But i do feel not so confident sometimes without the presence of a teacher..oh well make do with it

O-level is less that 20 days away..

Everyone is busy mugging away regardless teacher is around..

Some decided to just stay home and not go to school at all..although in my opinion..its not really smart to do that..

Right now the only thing i could talk about is studies…..

And so i feel bored if i were to hear other stuff..to me studying is first prioity..

However i also need to rest…i do not want to fall ill right on the start of O-levels..

I have tried to help  my friend as far as possible..but i cannot continue at the expense of my studies..

No one can help you unless you help yourself…

Its up to her right now..

Give you warnings, but to you it seems like i threaten..its for your own good..

Oh well right now i just be a friend who help you if necessary..


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