Before i even want to speak about  my results…i am worried for a friend terribly..

Very worried for her results but even more worried for her attitude..

She is giving up on herself totally…refused to go to school and just does not even care..

I have tried my best to help.. i offer to help her in studies..encourage her..advise her…

That is the best thing that i could do! And i feel so useless….i keep thinking of new ways to help her..

But how?! When all she did is to just give up on herself! I am angry and worried for her at the same time!

Sms her..she does not reply..i do not even know whether she saw the sms because her phone got problem..

I am just so frustated! I hate to be in a situation where i am doing well but yet my friend’s result like the exact opposite..

Offering consolation to them would be seen as being arrogant..

Can you Please do not give up on yourself?? I can write paragraphs and paragraphs of encouarging words


I’ll be praying for her..

I am happy with my results but i know i cannot be fact i think i am going to be more crazy about studying. I am happy that i had improved compared to mid-year. Now i got to learn how to handle pressure well..with O-Level coming in less than 22 days..

English: A2( not guranteed so gonna work harder)

Maths: B4( not exactly stable..going to practice more questions)

Science:C5( must improve!)

Chinese:B3( must improve!)

Combined Humanities: A1( still must practice)

Pure History: A1( Must practice essays)

POA: A1( no CARELESS mistakes must be made!)

Ultimately God takes all the Glory……:D


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