True freedom

In your freedom i will live….in your freedom i will live..i offer devotion…i offer devotion..

In this fast-paced world..there is really no freedom. We are constantly burdened by assignments and responsibliaties..we have to rush to meet a certain deadline. After we completed that certain task..a new one comes along and once again we are back into the rushing mode. We only relax during meals, watching a few hours of television and sleeping. Is that called freedom?

 However to me, freedom is not measured in time.. it cannot be measured at all. To me, freedom is when you do what you really want to do and just enjoy every moment of it while at the same time fulfilling your respective role. To me, true freedom lies in God..

When i spend time with Him, i am not constantly worrying about other stuff like the coming O-level. In fact i just poured out all my woes to Him through prayer..and then i feel better. God is more important to me than anything else.. this is what i told myself. O-level only lasts for a month, but my relationship with Him is going to last for eternity..i cannot forsake that relationship just because of this O-level.

I have done that before and my relationship with Him just went straight down. The minute i stop doing quiet time and turned my attention to other stuff…the relationship just falters..even my understanding of Him also dropped. That is the moment when i realised that having a relationship with God requires devoted time to Him. For it is fragile.

He is such a faithful God and a wonderful God. God to everyone is big and sovereign..but yet He can be so gentle and faithful. When we do something wrong or am no longer spending time with Him like we used to, all He will do is to patiently wait at the doorstep of our heart, waiting for us to let Him in. But this does not meant that we can neglect Him..for He also got feelings and after a certain period of waiting, he will turn and go away..

God also relieves you of your problems and let you rest in Him..with a peace that you cannot understand or put it down into words. All you know is that as long as He is around, you will be safe and secure. What more can i ask for? That is true freedom..

Thanking Him will never be enough….all i can do is to continue to obey Him and have a wonderful relationship with Him.

Ultimately my purpose is to help out in his Kingdom and just stay happy despite all circumstances:)


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