I love POA:)

Today was my POA paper 2 examination……

Although i loved doing POA..confident of a distinction..but i am not really happy.

Why? Well i felt that i was being spoonfed too much by my teachers..

I know what kind and what type of questions will come out..all i need is to study that piece of notes and there a distinction!

But i expect it to be more challenging especially since O-level comes right after this..

I am not going to be fully assured of doing well in O-level even if i were to get full marks for this prelims..

So i am going to make sure that i know all the necessary information before O-level..

Recently i look through my family photo albums..

I saw how i gradually develop from a baby, to a toddler, to a child and now a teenager..

The flood of memories seems to overwhelm me and i was full of gratiude..

Towards God who is the Creator of all things

Towards my family who were the people whom i shared all these happy memories with..

I am glad that i grew up in a financally stable family..i do not have to worry about what to eat or what to wear..

All i need is to fully concentrate on my studies..

Constantly thinking about this kind of things keeps me happy and upbeat..

And i believe that if everybody were to have this kind of positive mindset…problems will no longer seems to be a terrifying monster:)


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