My prelims are going to end on wednesday…like Finally!

And then i will brace myself for the release of results…

Will not be too optimistic but also not too pessmistic about it..

I am going to take this as a chance to learn where i had gone wrong and make sure i am not going to repeat the same mistakes again..

On to other stuff..

Everyday at 7pm, on channel 8..there is a drama serial entitled love..

It started since the beginning of last year and i got a feeling its never going to end…..

Now its at 400plus epsioide….and i heard it will only end like after 1000 ep??

That absolutely crazy! But my grandparents are loving it…

I am not a fan of it for two reasons…

Firstly, the show is too draggy…just when one problem gets solved..another problems rises out from other place… i also find the characters a bit immature in handling things..behaving like teenagers when they are already adults..

Secondly, the values portrayed out to the audience are wrong in a certain They take justice into their own hands to solve or punish their enemies. They apparently followed an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth principle . As a christian i am against the princple..i believe that whatever wrongdoings people had done to us..we should not repay it back but rather leave it up to God. Instead we are to repay back with kindness and forgiveness for we are all sinners.

That is my own personal view..

I could have gone into this topic in a detailed manner..but the lack of time prevent me from doing so..

But nevermind


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