Today was my physics  paper..

I studied really hard for it and my effort paid off quite okay..

I am confident of passing it..thank God

I know that if i want to get a B for science overall, i got to do extremely well in my upcoming science pratical and paper 1

Tomorrow i will be taking my history and literature paper..

I will face it one at a time:)

It seems weird to be posting at this juncture…all my fellow friends are busy studying now..

I love to reflect and discuss things…to cool myself down from the busyness of life..

As a student, i am already running against time. Constantly making sure that i am always ahead and not let time overtake me.

I simply cannot imagine how life will be like the minute i join the working world..

However i will make sure i will enter into a career i love..a career that is purposeful..not for money.

I guess that growing up in a strict environment really helps me..

I do not really crave for many things…of course i will still crave but the feeling will not last long..

Gadgets are easily replaced just like how iPhone is replaced by iPhone 4 and i still do not know whether another version will still pop out.

Of course sometimes i envy my friends for having all this kind of latest stuff…sometimes i feel ‘outdated’

But i know life is not about all these things..

What i really crave for is for happiness, optimism, contentment, be a simple and motivated person.

I constantly find inspirational books to inspire myself..keep myself motivated…

I force myself actually haha..cuz i know thats the only way to help myself..

It actually help  me become more independent but not totally…haha

I cannot cook..but nevermind i canpick up later in the future..

Growing up in a  strict environment also keeps me to become self-disciplined.

I cannot play non-stop and do not study…i will be feeling super gulity

I cannot skip tutorials or school activities of any kind..even if its boring..i am just not used to not obeying the rules..

I cannot be late..that is why i am always early or on time…

These are habits that i cultivated and of course good.

Sometimes my friends will complain about me being too serious or too obedient…

But i will never regret:)


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