In the midst of Prelims

I am always more idealistic than realistic…

However sometimes being too idealistic is not good..

Especially when you cannot meet the targets when you set for yourself….

I am competitive…although i do not express it…but i am competitive

I contstantly challenged myself to be better….especially when i see my classmates doing exceedingly well

For the wrong purpose…that is

I kept saying that i am doing all this to glorfiy God..but not true..actually i am doing it to please myself..

Now i am in the midst of Prelims…

So far i am a bit disappointed with 2 papers especially after i put in so much effort

The first paper was biology…

I memorised everything i could and kept going through over and over again..

However the minute i turn over to the first question of my biology paper…i was shocked..

Most of the questions were experiment-based…It requires critical thinking…

At first my mind went totally blank but eventually i managed to compose myself to answer the questions..

Towards the end of the examination..i knew getting a distinction or even a B may be impossible..

I  was disappointed with myself for i had set out to get a distinction for science…

The second paper was the one i took today..history paper 2

I memorised 2 main topics….mainly hitler, stalin and War in Europe

Both came out today…and i did war in Europe..

I could answer part a but not part b as i never came across that kind of question before..

In the end i wrote up a essay that makes no sense..but that the best answer i think i could give

I pray that my SBQ will bring up my SEQ…i will be most happy if i get a B..

Unexpected things like these two occured and the idealistic and competitive me usually cannot take it at first

But i know that reacting this way was somehow wrong..because God was not inside..i did not let him in

I am just basically trying to acheive my targets by myself..

I am going to cut down on my personal aims…turned it into God-centered…

Giving him the Glory for everything whether good or bad…

I wanna thank him for the papers i had been through..

Social studies, maths paper 1 and chinese was very well done..

I knew it would have been not possible without God…thanks!

I will be putting the effort for the remaining papers…and glorfiy Him!:)


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