Ask me to change church? Not so easy..

Back here one and a half months since my last post..

Time passes really very fast and i am having my prelims this week.
Rather fornuate that i had a week to do lots of revision..
Kept practising maths…….
Tomorrow is my maths paper 1 and i hope that my effort wont be in vain..
Although i should be more concerned with my studies now……i am not really worried

I am more concerned about church matters……
My family is planning to go to other church after staying in this church for about 6 years..
I can choose to join them or else i will stay in this current church alone..
I remembered telling myself sliently a few years ago that i want to help bulid up a stronger church
I want to see my church grow..REALLY GROW IN SPIRIT AND Unity
Although i am helping out in small ways……….
This desire was further fuellled by a kind of big event that took place years ago
Familes were moving out of the church to join other bigger churches
I could not ever forget how the atmosphere was like when it occured
The sadness shown by my pastor motivate me to stay on and help out..
I did not expect my family to change..
But it is going to happen….
For now i am not leaving even though that church looks more appealing
I believe that since that church is already flourishing..
I should devote my time to my current help it flourish
I could not bear to just dump everything and follow..
Because i had already placed my heart into this church..
I treasure the relationships that i had made
and i am not going to let go…


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