I got nothing to hide!

Today is a pretty long day for me..

Attending tutorials and more tutorials already depleted half of my enegry……

Thank God its a current liablility ..hehe POA

Well i am not so bothered with the fact that i have tutorials…
After all i should be used to it by now…

Today i ended my friendship with shimin….
It ended on a slient but bad note………..i totally ignored her and oh well..spoken some unkind words…
I just could not keep this anger anymore………
All i know is this friendship MUST End! I do not want to spend the last few months of my secondary school life stressing over friendship problems.
She had been giving me the cold shoulder today, giving me an obvious hint that somehow she or i got to end it..
Well ending this friendship is a good thing for both of us…….at least there will be no more hurts or quarrels.
Obviously i would be pretty sad, considering the fact that she and I has been friends for 4 years…and it had to end this way..
I tried countless times to save it…….however my efforts were in vain..
She did not tell me what her problem with me was…….
So i was rather hurt when i have to hear it coming from someone else and not from her personally……
I admit that i was part of the reason..
I sometimes neglected her by talking to other people..
Tends to be too frank also……
Communication is vital to any relationship..
Apparently we did not communicate well enough..
Although this friendship has ended..that does not mean i hate her……
I did not ever regret that this friendship existed..
I regret that it has to end this way..
Well through this friendship, i has learnt many things…….
Communication is VERY Important!
That is the main lesson…………
Sometimes its hard to be frank when telling out your problems…..
But that will strengthen the relationship


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