My purpose in life…

I have decided to use this blog as an place where i unleash all my thoughts 
The other blog will be just about the relationship between me and God……

Reason is that if i were to use the other blog as a place where i unleash all my thoughts…….
People may be offended if they saw it……i also am unsure how would they be offended….
So this livejournal blog is the best place for me to put everything down without having any worries
So far only two people knew that this blog still existed…….:)

My purpose in life was actually to be part of God’s plan..serving Him
Right now i still have no idea where i am supposed to be going….
Soon i am going to leave secondary school and i have to decide on my path…
Junior college or Polytechnic??
During the beginining of the year..i had already made up my mind to go junior college…….
However thanks to the school organising polytechnic talks ……….
But right now my mind is inclined towards taking the polytechnic route…….taking psychology…..
At either Ngee Ann or Temasek Polytechnic…..
Well i might choose ngee ann polytechnic although its so far away from my house
Reason being i want to go into a new environment…….
I know that if i go Temasek poly, i will see many of my ex secondary school mates…..and i do not like it.
Why i choose psychology???
Well i felt that if i take up psychology and i graduate with a diploma…i can enter into many sectors like business or education and many more..the choices are wide…

Polytechnic life is defintely different from Junior college..
No more school uniform
No more waking up so early in the morning
Freedom of choosing what to wear…

I am a laid back person………
I might get frustated by the fact that i have to think of what to wear every single day….
That the only main problem i have…….

I will leave this to God to decide…..for now study and more study!


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