The reason why i never delete this account

 Answer is very simple………..nobody knows that this livejournal existed except for Joana:)

So that means i can pour out my heart and soul here…….

O-level is approaching with such a fast intensity that i cannot afford to waste any more time..

At the beginning of this year, i told myself to not get too involved with friendship problems… I will concentrate on my studies instead..
Well i did not manage to follow through with what i had orginally said..
I find myself  mulling over this kind of problems………..and i call it dumb..
But i cant help it as this concerns the 4 years friendship that i had cultivated with 2 friends..
Only to realise that it had gone into waste……by what i found out yesterday…
Their names are shimin and qian ying…….
These two people have been friends with me since secondary 1
Well in any friendship,..disputes will occur due to different personalities…….however it will not last forever…
I forget all those unpleasant incidents……….however shimin and qian ying did not…
They kept it right down inside their hearts and gossip about me………
I knew there were some things that they did not like me for…
But i really detest their way of solving things…
They did not let  me know that they were unhappy with me…
In front of me they acted like okay…behind my back…i cannot imagine..
I am hurt…i found this out by another classmate who was concerned for my situation…
Basically their reasons why they dislike me are from small simple things that slowly bulit up over time…
I did very well for my SA2 last year……………..
Obviously i would rejoice………..however shimin was unhappy…..
That is one of the many examples……………and that is so minnor……..
Oh well
Joana…i guess you will be the only one who would ever see this post…….well……..thats good…….cuz i trust you:)


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. joanalj
    Jul 22, 2010 @ 12:26:26

    hey! I'm kinda surprised that I was the only one that had access to your Livejournal. Well I might as well tell you on what I feel about the situation you are in even though I may not understand fully how you feel. This year is a really crucial year for you since it's your O Levels and I guess you need to focus on your major exams more than the problems you are facing at the moment. If it is bothering you, then you should talk it out with your two friends. Solve the issues you have amongst the three of you guys and see what's the real problem behind the friendship. I believe that these problems can be solved. Or if it doesn't, at least you can know the cause of it all and what they are unhappy about. Remember O Levels are just as important and you should not let this problem get the best of you.
    Good luck for your preparations for your O Levels. All the best! Prelims are coming! Study hard! Take care xx


  2. fuunylala
    Jul 23, 2010 @ 09:28:57

    …..thanks for your encouragement……
    I have decided to not directly solve the problem with my two friends. Reason being its doing more harm than good if i try it. Some friends have advised me to just be the way i am. I cannot please everyone. So yeah if they are not happy be it. I am just going to concentrate on O-level:)


  3. joanalj
    Jul 23, 2010 @ 09:30:52

    True. Well I guess they're not worth being your friends if they can't accept you for the way you are (: You'll find your true friends eventually! 🙂


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