19th jan 2010

I do not know what should i name my post…….

Thought of many like : What a day it has been ! or staying awake….

Staying awake means staying awake spritually…..it is so easy to fall back to my own bad habits..especially so when i am in school. Teachers giving homework and tutorials….everyone complains……even my friend said: Who the hell won’t complain? I also complained…..its just so easy. Making negative comments on others is also another bad habit which i am doing.

Although deep inside, i know i should not complain or made unnecessary comments on others. I still did it….i am powerless in trying to change myself for the better. When i fall back to my old habits…( trying not to) is like finding myself in a maze….and taking a long time to get out. I need God…

Recently i have been super busy with school activities. Monday: tutorial Tuesday: CCA Wednesday: tutorials Thursday: Tutorials and Friday: CCA. Nights were spent doing homework and doing other stuff instead of spending quiet time with Him.

It took me a while to realise how important quiet time is. Without it…..it is easy to fall back into old habits and not be contented at all. I will try to take some time off to do quiet time.

There are 10 trespasses listed out in Leviticus 5-6: (1) Concealing truth when it is demanded in the course of justice. (2) Indulging in any practice that defi les the soul and damages the spirit. (3) Breaking promises and contracts. (4) Dishonesty toward God in holy, spiritual things. (5) Ignoring and disobeying God’s
commandments. (6) Failing to safeguard what is entrusted to you. (7) Unfairness in partnership. (8) Taking what is not yours through violence. (9) Lying and deceiving. (10) Keeping that which doesn’t belong to you

( this was an article by Pastor Kong Hee) The 10 trepasses showed the sinful acts of humans.

Today i went for CCA…….taught the sec 2s certain exercises. Very tiring ….teaching is very tiring. Right now there is no instructer….my peers and i have to do the teaching. I must eat lunch next time.


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