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Back to blogging again…wee

Today was not one of the most awesome days in my life. Thanks to a pain dwelling in my stomach from the start of school till now. I have no idea what causes it but defintely its not comfortable. I just pray that God remove it. Examinations are coming and to be frank..i am still trying to become more serious and focused especially after holidays. Right now i have two goals in mind.

My first goal is to pass all my subjects(basic standard) Usually i will be aiming higher. But right now i got to be more realistic as i know that some of my subjects are not improving. Maths and chinese. For maths, my teacher is not back until next week . Currently i understand all the topics but i need more practise ! For chinese, i am not learning. Yes, i have to admit that i was not  really paying attention to what the teacher is saying. I just simply do not understand her ways of teaching. She practially give us homework on topics that we have not learn and want us to try. Then, she will go through the answers in class. I just could not adapt to it. i will defintely work extra harder.

My second goal: To be like Jesus.

To me its not a goal, its more of a commitment that will last me forever and ever. Even though right now i should be enjoying like crazy like my peers do. But i am have a totally different mindset. Sometimes i question myself: Am i too forward-looking? Its good to be forward-looking. Through times of trials, i know that i will emerge stronger and better. This is what that drives me on every single day of my life.

Gonna stop here.


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