I have a best friend

I have a best friend…. this friend is so good to me. This friend understand me so well until he will know what i am going to say be fore i even say it. He comforts me when i am down and cheer me up. I could talk to this friend anytime in any place. He is a good listener. This friend cannot be replaced. He treats everyone the same. You wanna know his name..His name is Jesus.

Well well well…

Back to now..im currently de-stressing. School is a place full of temptations. Its hard to resist…and i have give in to some. I just wanna thank God for forgiving me. School is like a battle field and when will it ever end?? But i thank God for giving me strength. Right now all i wanna do is to finish my studies in a positive light. Though there are times when i feel like giving up….i am aware that someone is still there….watching over me..thank you God.


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