Yes today i have CIP..but before i get to that…i would like to reflect on certain things that happened today. Though it may sound nothing to the world. It does to i always strive to improve myself while at the same time..remain humble and thankful.

I got to buck up in my chinese. Ever since the new teacher took over, i was not listening to her lesson at all. I become bored easily and i choose to chit-chat with my friends. I am aware of my situation and yet i choose to remain indifferent about it. Today another teacher came in during the chinese lesson to see how we were doing. She gave a lecture about the usual stuff and i was listening. I will make sure i pay attention during her lesson…..

Now right on to CIP. Today i sold yellow ribbons at tampines mrt station. It was my second time doing this. Defintely i was more prepared this time and more confident. Initally i was not positive about it because my friends were planning to slack. While i on the other hand, was thinking about how fun it would be as we will be persuading people to buy the ribbons. Thank God it didnt occured that way. While i was attemping to sell, i learned a lot of things. When people see me with the ribbons, they immediately turn away or pretend to ignore. Its so funny! I managed to sell the ribbons still. Some people even pay without taking the ribbons. Over all i get to see the side of a charity volunteer.

Next year i hope to sell more. CIP is not really that bad


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