Im back

Actually i am supposed to be attending a christian event now. I wanted to go but i am physically tired…

I had not been blogging for so long. Was busy revising for exams. There is one more test next thursday..maths. I was pretty worried for the past few days as i am unclear about certain maths concepts. Thank God today i managed to clear it up. But i know i still need more practise.

God has been very merciful and gracious to me for the last couple of weeks. There were times when i do not do my daliy devotions…its bothering me. And due to that,  my old nature came back to me . I was so gulity…i thank him for his forgiveness. I passed my chinese exam…by rights  i should not but yet i did. All glory goes to God. I am currently coping well with my other subjects.:)

My family members has been down with illness for the past few days. I did not fell sick. My sister almost gotten H1N1,She has fever,cough and flu and now resting at home. My baby bro..gotten fever just today..i do not know how . ..maybe from my sis. My dad gotten a cough. For me i am just very tired. Not having enough sleep…..i need it.


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