Think Positive

In life there are ups and downs.

This week…i do have but i would like to focus on the positive side.

I have patched up with a friend, we had not talked for 4 months. I was not planning on any patching up at all. But she asked me and i defintely agree, i do not hate her. Her request took me by surprise. Cause i usually am the one who made the first move.

I have interpreted people who insult me in a postive manner. But of course this is not an encouragement for them to continue on. I labelled them as people who make me stronger. Through every trial, i emerged stronger and better. Its all thanks to God that i am able to view them in such a postive manner. Through my daily devotion with God, i learnt that i must love a christian brothers and sisters even if they insult me. I am trying with God’s help. Without His help, i do not think i can make it.

My faith in God has been strengthened. I can feel peace even in times when i am insecure.


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