My cousins from Germany has finally arrived!


Just yesterday i borrowed a autobiography of Billy Graham from the library. His evangelistic missons were all over the world until i lost count of how many countries he had been to. Right now i slowed down my reading speed otherwise i will not understand the book entirely. Millions of people got saved through him. Truly inspired by it. He took 10 years to write it. And i understand why it was so long.

Today i went to church and this would be the last time i would be going to church on Sunday. From next week onwards church service will be change to saturday evening. I got to learn how to adjust to this timing//HAHA. For i have been going to church on Sunday since i was young.  Today Pastor preached about where the church is heading to. I did not get the sheet so through memory. The three things that are happening are: We are going to be transformed continously(spelled wrongly) into the image of Christ. We are going to love one another unconditionally and finally we reach out to others intentionally. To me, that is an encouraging sermon to a church as a whole and i look forward to it:)

Right after the service, there was an annual general meeting. Though i am a non-member. I understand what was going on in that meeting for the first time. Thanks to a bit of POA? HAHAA. But i was very hungry for the buffet lunch…..buffet lunch was nice. Then we went home.

Reached home and saw my grandparents and aunt. Added her on facebook plus my cousins. AND finally i added my dad  and auntie winnie. I was hestiant about doing it ..not because i was gulity or what. But i feel that i am subjected to saying my views in the future. But in the end, i still did it. They are my family anyway.

Went to airport to welcome my cousins and second aunt. My first aunt was seriously funny. Taught me and my sis line dancing in airport…..LOL. I still can remember the steps now. Finally they arrived and the youngest cousin really grew much bigger  and taller

Played with them non-stop at grandparents place. Kept running around. Fun

Okay right now got to go off……im distracted ……


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