Forgive and forget

Yesterday’s post was full of angry and unkind words…….I am not going to dwell upon it.

I realise i am still very sensitive despite trying many ways to be less emotional. But yet i am still the same..emotionally from comments that i should have ignored. Plus i got long term memory…this is a disadvantage to me at times like this.

I saw this sentence in tv in the bus on the way home. If you forgive someone, you are setting a prisoner free. And that prisoner is yourself. I agree with this sentence totally. Not forgiving someone is really my own problem, not forgiving only causes more hatred and emotional hurt. So i have decided to forgive everybody who may have accidentally hurt me one way or another. Though they may hurt me time and time again, i will still forgive them. I know its hard to forgive but i will for my own sake. I do not wish to be miserable everyday.

what about forget? It takes time..i got to confess. i will try….i will forget.


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