Tired…..of certain people

Yes i am tired of certain people…..SERIOUSLY.

They cannot shut up and kept uttering stupid words.

There are some people in this world where you really got nothing to say but only negative comments. Some more i am going to see them until i graduated……..very miserable. Forgive them?? how to?? I see them and the anger rises up again. I did not release my anger although i really wanted to….cause i knew that if i did that…i am asking for more trouble.

To Riza(if you see this): i got no grudges against you. Whatever happened today i am going to not care about it. For i know you did not start it. But please for goodness sake…at least stop repeating that insult ……give me some basic respect. I still respect you as a classmate. i do not wish to make any enemies .

Seriously i can imagine myself slapping some of them right now.


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