Let me keep you updated on what i have been doing this past few days


Went out with church friends to East Coast Park. Bowled for about an hour before cycling for 2 hours. Its my second time bowling and my results improved though it could  be much better. There were many rounds where my result was a 9-0. Hais…i just wonder why i could not get the ONE! Never mind i shall try it the next time round. For cycling…i cycle very fast. Until i could not see my friends behind me. i like to cycle first so that i can enjoy the wind and relax. I like to be alone most of the time for me to imagine things…funny things. I even thought of buying a house near the beach next time so i could spent my free time enjoying and relaxing inside there.

When everything ended, i went home alone…for the first time. Sister Jeannie gave me directions to go home. So i followed her instructions and was a bit surprised when i emerged from the underpass. She told me to walk straight and not look back….and then i will approach the bridge in which i have to cross over. I walked straight and could not find any bridge. So i decided to walk in the direction of the expressway. Soon i found myself at Victoria Jc and from there i took a bus home. I did not know that the bridge was that far! When i reached home…i was very tired. But to me its worth it, i do hope that there will be another outing .


I did not feel well that day, partly due to my exhaustion. I went to church in a inactive mood..which i hardly do. During worship, i did not really enter into it. During Pastor’s sermon, i almost fell asleep. I left early with my family as there are some relatives coming over to my house to visit the baby. They were my grandaunts and granduncles. I finished my homework at night. I was really very tired.


lessons and lessons…….OKAY………i quite bored…so bye


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