Hees…………….sorry for not posting the past few days.

My baby brother has arrived and right now he is sun tanning..haha to get rid of the toxins in his body…

I changed a lot particularly after the June holidays. Even my friends in school noticed in and they are not really supportive of my change in behaviour. One of my friends even join another group because of that. Firstly i hardly complain which is a good thing for me but not for them as our past conversations were full of that. Not only that, i rebut them. They preferred me to be the old me..which was worser. And my closest friend told me not to be surprised if she were to leave me one day.

And also my once best friend still hate me for the things that happened last year. She kept harping on it and of course her hatred grew. Today she even threatened my seating partner with two sentences which were ‘You are dead and You should have better taste’ after the PE lesson.

I was seriously enraged…how could she do this to my friend just because of my good friendship with him. Yes he is a guy…and a very honest nd gentle guy. I uttered unkind words in rage. In the morning beofre the PE lesson, i even thought of buying her a secret gift. For the bible want me to bless those who harm me. Right now i got to think twice. I will still pray for her.

About my friend asking me to change. I cannot……i have to obey God. For God wants all christians to be the salt of the earth. I do nnot want to go back to the old me…where i sin and sin again and again and beg for mercy on Sunday. No i do not want that. I told my friend that if they were to complain..i will keep slient..i will not rebut them. If worst come to worst..and they still cannot accept me then so be it. I need God encouragement.

I got many reasons why i cannot follow my friends…….all these reasons add up to one thing: I love God.

Nowdays especially after the June holidays……whenever i see my closest friend..i feel irriated whenever i see her. As our conversations are usally negative. But then i think of God..how he manage to love us despite our weakness. I pray that i will be able to care for her just like what God did.

May God bless you…


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