Yay! 1 more day people!

This special day is finally arriving tomorrow. This is the motivation that kept me going for the past few days 🙂

While waiting for this moment to come, i of course still go to school and do my own daily activites. Just yesterday, i just have a sudden urge to read a christian book entitled In Power and Glory. This is a book studying Revelation..the last book of the bible. I read it a few times before but yet didnt understand. But as i read yesterday…i begin to understand the book. I read finish already. Its an amazing book. Will not reveal much here…….as its quite sensitive.

Today my history teacher treated our class to KfC in tampines. It was a very pleasant gathering as everybody relax. Even i managed to chat a bit to my friend..thank God.

I dont know why but i recently started preferring my temperature to be 36 degrees or higher…as its quite cool. Not everybody have that temperature..you see…hehe…

Actually today almost something spoil my mood…In the morning the bus arrive very late……….to me….as i am super scared that i am late. I hate to be late. When it arrived, it was crowded…..as a result i cannot board the bus. I was pissed off and i took another bus to the mrt station ..and then i board a taxi. I was praying to God all the while…but i do not blame him. When i was finally in the taxi…….i thank God. I reached school at 6.50am….surprisely….early….even earlier than usual. Thank God.


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