3 more days!

3 more days …………….I cant wait..hehe

Things has been going smoothly for the past few days….thank God

I realised that my thinking has changed after the June holidays…especially after the church camp. I started to stop using vulgar words and be more positive. I try not to complain and even advise my friends not to too. But i was met with more negative comments….never mind. I try to look at the big picture. Ultimately….its better. i pray that i will continue on in this manner.

Today was fine. I bump into one of my classmates in the bus on the way home. She used to be my best friend until lots of misunderstandings occur….. Whenever i see her, i will sigh..not at her but at the situation. How a once strong friendship decrease to just being classmates. I am partly responsible for it too and the way she behaves now. She become more lazy……i guess its got to do with me…….lack of motivation. I will defintely pray for her.

ok i got to go……………3 MORE DAYS!


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