A little update…

Just now practically form 8pm all the way to 9pm. My dad was scolding my sister over her assessment work. What irriates me is the fact that he was shouting all the way. I was just beside his room….everytime when he scolds..have the effect of thunder. A few minutes ago…….after he is done with my sister….he turn to me and reminded me sternly of the other maths assessment book which was not completed. I know……

ok its just that why must he spoil everyone’s day too…except for auntie winnie.

This is not the first time that it occured and i hate it whenever it occured!

Ok i am not going to mention more  about it…….i do not want to end  my day with this note

Anyway today i cut my hair. Went to a new salon…its quite nice. I do not know how to describle my hair…….its different…haha…thats all.

I better stop now…………to cool of……….any ice?


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