First day back at school

Yes first day back at school i was greeted by all the banners showing about H1N1 and the list of affected countries. At the entrance it was divided into half….one for those who has been to affected areas and the other who is okay. I had to also show my thermometer as i went in. There was no assembly and i had to take my temperature twice. The surrounding air in the school was very tense..

But it was not that bad. Everybody was like normal….no worries. Today i was doing almost nothing. Do you know that we spent almost 2 hours to read newspaper. Of course nobody did that. My form teacher wanted us to do it for the first 2 hours? I was like………speechless. Then later english lesson followed by physics and recess. Blah.the rest of the day was fine. New seating arrangements and timetable was known. Its ok……not bad. Tomorrow school lessons will begin….

I need to go…..yeah…


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