Coming soon!

This Monday i will be going back to school! Alas! How time flies by so fast..but i dont mind because my new baby bro is coming into this earth soon! I can imagine myself playing with him everyday…can imagine myself rushing home after school just to see him.

He will revive the childish things in me that i have put it away long ago…i am so happy! Not only that my aunt and cousins from germany will be coming to see him……omy…..i cant imagine how joyful this may be..

His name will be called Ivan. I will try not to have any biased thoughts about it. I believe i will not……even though i have a bad experience meeting people whose names are the same.

Now on to other news..hehe

Michael Jackson died suddenly yesterday morning. I first received the news from an sms by my friend. I was shocked at his sudden departure. He just left without any notice. People all over the world cannot grasp this shocking news. I used to like him when i was young. To me, he was musically talented and he introduced a whole new style of music. I particularly like his dance moves. It was a pity that he died so fast.

Now i am alone at home….which gives me basically more freedom to experess my thoughts. Just now i was singing christian songs……i like worshipping..seriously… brings me lots of encouragement.

Tomorrow will be the second youth service and i look forward. I really want to see Agape community church grow in love and unity


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