when will i get over this??

Well i am me….an introvert and boring to most people. I am not putting myself down..its a known fact. By people’s body language..i know that yes i am not that interesting..

In the beginning when i first heard about this fact which is so painfully obvious..i was hurt. I was thinking why people didnt give me a chance to prove myself ..why? But it turns out that i didnt give them a chance…before i reveal more..see these

Sorry if its a bit unclear. These are my two other sisters in malaysia. Older sis was named tiffiany..and younger one called nicole..

During the church camp for tuesday night service..Pastor Franics said that i had a lot of fear in my life and encouraged me to be myself.

To  me, being myself is when i am comfortable in what i am doing. But then that is not true. When i am with close friends..i tend to be  super hyper and talkative…while in church or anywhere else…i am super quiet..and i am comfortable. I want to be involved in church..i wanna see it growing in unity..i wanna help…and i am gonna try

I pray for God’s encouragement..for me to reveal my hyper side. It will take time. I shall start with worship……….i wont care how my dad and stepmum thinks whenever i worship…i will be free. To be honesr i have been held back because of people comments. I heard some not nice comments before in church….not gonna get angry…..well they dont know me well enough..cant blame them.

I am not doing this for people but for GOD!



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