Church Camp

Hi i am done with COL..all i could say was that on that day the second performance was much better than the first..thats it. I cannot complain otherwise i would have to transfer the purple band to my other wrist. Wonder why? Well this band is part of a complaint free campaign..and i am going to wear for at least 21 days. Well its defintely it keep me conscious of my complaining..

Yes my topic today is church camp. Church camp will starts next monday and i will be going without  my family..second time overseas without them. I am pretty excited and nervous about it. But i am a person who tends to worry..

My first time overseas without them was last year. I went on a school overseas trip to China. I have no close friends and i was almost sure that i would not really have a  wonderful time..but i was wrong. I went there with fear but came back with a smile etched on my face. I made wonderful friends there and unleash my crazy side. Till now i still could not forget the memories..

I do hope that this camp is the same…especially since this is filled with brothers and sisters in Christ. During the church camp briefing..i heard about how much free time we will have. I am afraid that i will not really make good use of it….yes…i am like that..


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