Bein immature

I just recently found out that i am not that mature…FOUND OUT?? Well in the first place i am not….and its a good and a bad thing. Immature as in behaving like a child…when by now i should not be… like running and jumping  around in my house…even though its silly..but it brings me joy. Sometimes i also throw tantrums…yeah that is not a good thing.

But overall what i found out is that when i am a child…i will experience more joy than sadnesss…but when i become a adult…it would be the opposite…why? Knowledge is one of those reasons…as everyone would know this phrase: Life is not a bed of roses.

This fact sounds so demoralising ..and its happening. Adults would always say things like how i wish i still be in school…and more. While I on the other hand, want to get started on working. Yeah..its pretty weird..Just think positive…

Gotten back my report book..very satisifed with my results. What was even more surprising was the fact that i gotten 4th in class and 17th in whole level. This was something unexpected….but i could only say it is a reward of my hard work. I am happy and definitely all glory goes to God.

This coming June holidays is especially a eventful one…..first time…and i am ready!


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