I had been busy with the Colours Of Loyang Concert which takes place every year and every performing group got to perform. Yesterday was the first full dress rehearsel(spelled wrongly) where i had to put on make-up and my SYF costume. Very tiring although we had plenty of time to rest while waiting in the holding room..i just want to go home..

Reached home at about 7.45pm..spent more than 12 hours in school. Next tuesday…the same thing would happen again but end even later….about 8.15pm..hopefully…my dad will be fetching me.

I am now given more freedom as i had passed all subjects. Study hours lessened to 4 hours a day. But i wont be resting that much yet as i had to complete an maths assessment…otherwise i had to say goodbye to my phone…Sometimes i just feel like giving it back my phone..if  a phone can give me so much problems…y not just give it back? But the thought of how much effort i took to have this phone back is stopping me from thinking this way. Right now i am split into two sides…..

Church Camp is coming..i am looking forward to it. Its the second time i went overseas without my family. I had not been going for church camps since 2006 as my dad decided not to…and his reasons………sounds not like one..but excuses…. But now that i am a teenager….i think he can let me go even without anyone….


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