Feeling slightly annoyed now…..i cant completely relax after exams! I still have two assessment books to be done in june and by the end of the year respectively…My handphone would be gone if i didnt finish the june one….so stressing..

I really wonder why must parents place so much emphasis on education..yes i know all the common reasons..good life and future but they sometimes forget something allong the way. The purpose of exams…..it is to test how much the student has learned..but now it seems not to be. They also forget how to love their child like they once used to. They treat accordingly to how the child performs. If well…definitely good..if not good…get scolding and punishment but NO ENCOURAGEMENT. Is this the way to go? I am treated like that.. sorry to say but its true.

Now its up to my own will whether i would think positive or negative. In order to survive ..positive is the only way. I tell myself that results come from me and God alone..not my family. They only provided me in terms of financial needs..other than that nothing. all my encouragement come from reading the Bible. I really do not know what to say if i were to make a thank-you speech. But my proable answer would be: Thank you for providing me all the challenges that made me more independant.

I received some of my results which made me very happy. My maths passed, my physics paper2 passed and i Gotten an A1 for my biology paper 4. More would be coming this week..hopefully i could pass all subjects


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