Mas Selamat was finally caught last month after escaping from jail for a year. When the news was officially announced today, i was surprised. Who would had expected him to be caught? I remembered when the news of his escape was announced last year, i was shocked as i always believe that the security system was excellent. And yet this type of things could happen. But now that he was found…thank God.

I got this unexpected burden in my heart recently. This burden concerns a friend of mine. This friend and i used to be really good friends. But thanks to some deep misunderstandings, our friendship was reduced to such a state. I did not really care anymore for this type of things take a really long time to solve. I thought as long as i am not an enemy and neither is she, then i would continue on with my life. But i got this problem, i cannot forget people. Past happy memories filled my mind whenever i see her. I told myself there is no point but it remains. Maybe i should learn how to let will take a period of time..

Yes, i am a serious person especially in relationships. I wont forget memories of the people whom i come across. It may be a good and bad thing. Bad thing if i remember people whom i had bad impressions of. I will change my thinking later on. Mother’s Day is coming, the day where i feel quite gulity..why? For not giving anything to my stepmum. I dont know what i could i give to her. All i think of is to just behave myself. Material things wont last forever but relationship does. I dont care what others think, they may call me selfish or stingy. I am not. I told myself that when i become an adult, i would treat her to a meal. Its the same to my mum, as long as i dont give her any worries.

No matter what happens…i will still love them..i do love my stepmum if you wanna know…it just so happens


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