I just practised the value of patience by waiting for half an hour just so that my stepmum would let  me use computer. Actually i asked her at 9pm..but she scolded me for disturbing. So i waited near her sliently for half an hour. I dont dare to look at the time cause it would piss me off. In the end she finally relented and scolded me for using computer doing the examination period. To be frank i almost screamed at her but i kept my cool. For the sake of everyone and myself.

Today was my maths examination. The paper was easy generally…i better pass.

Just the past couple of days, i found back something precious which is my primary 2 class photo! yes its precious to me…i dont forget people easily. As i looked at the photo, happy memories come rushing back into my brain…i dont think i will ever forget…

I for no particular reason, kept reflecting and thinking about a lot of things. ONe of it was the question that my history teacher posed to me. Is love important or money? At that time i said money,but now i kind of regret it. My brain say money but my heart says love. I always follow my heart. i would rather be poor but have a loving family rather than being rich and lonely.

My anger has subsided..finally. When i say i follow  my heart, i didnt mean that i would seek revenge if i am angry. I wont as i know how bitter revenge is and i suffered it before. But of course that didnt mean that others could take advantage of me. If its stretched too much, i would speak up.

6 more papers to go …..i am going to give my best and prove to my stepmum especially that i am not that lazy! Through he so-called righteous observations…she think i am…..NO WAY!


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