I am happy and contented with the results. Although i know that we could all have done better but nevertheless it was an improvement from a bronze to a sliver. We all have did our best on monday, the day where we finally reached. I am happy for everyone.

I still can remember the process of preparing for this compeition. When i first heard that we were going to play la camparsita again…my first impression was very boring…we already had played it for last year COl. But my impression improved more and more..through the practises. After learning how to play the 2 SYF songs, we had auditions. I was really afraid that i could not get in..this fear of mine propel me to work harder. Eventually i get in…i was happy. By then i managed to memorise the two songs. Now all we need was feelings………

We did our best in expressing out in the end.

To be frank, i am grateful to the whole ensemble…especially to the seniors. Amidst all these prepartions, i learnt many things. The importance of teamwork and more…….


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