Today is seriously i guess the only day where i change into different sets of clothes! I have to wear my school uniform…Pe clothes for Pe…..Guitar T-shirt and jeans for assembly performance and SYF costume…for practice! Was simply rushing in and out. I do hope that this will not happen again…so tiring.

We did not perform really well today…during assembly…as we had no feelings when playing the songs…feelings is a very important factor. During practice….we also did not do really well..SYF is just 6 days away. Everybody have to buck up and get at least a sliver . While performing the sad song, the Guzheng  members came in to put back their things. They performed today..their expression was very solemn and immediately we knew that something was wrong. Turned out that they gotten back their sliver which was their companion for the previous rounds. Some of the members even cried. I can relate to their feelings..but they got to take it easy. SYF standard is going up every year…thus making it harder to get a gold. Sliver is already good enough. I do hope that they wont put too much pressure on themselves. I also hope that my CCA wont come back with this expression too…So WORK HARDER!


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