Focus! It is the main ingredient after postitve thinking. The ability not to get distracted when doing something. For me, its everything.

Today i went for guitar session. Tired from yesterday sports event and the meaningless arguements not by me but between my dad, stepmum and mum. I am the middleman. Both sides were biased….and useful…haha i am a history student. Dont talk about it. Anyway my guitar instructer told us to focus on the music totally…the whole time without being distracted and also to relate to the feelings of the song. It was hard for me at first because i am easily distracted. But its important…otherwise we could not express out the feelings in the song well to the audience. Band got silver for SYF…i am happy for them. I do hope we could do well too.

After that, quickly rush home..changed clothes and went out to meet my mum. She brought her two cute children along too. Althoug it was a brief meeting …it is nice to see her again. I do hope i could meet her more often.

Yesterday was sports day….Green House won! I am happy as i am inside. Although i joined my friend in yellow house….inside i am still a green house person..LOL! I also received my SA1 timetable. 19 more days to the first examination paper…and in total i got 14 papers to take…………………………..OMG! I also realised that the yellow house certain people are evil. They threw water bombs and burst balloons in front of other colour houses.

Focus on everything but i neglect one thing…spending time with God. I need to change something.


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