Today…..blah blah

My form teacher changed my seat from the 2nd row all the way to the back corner of the classroom. Sitting alone…sob sob will be boring. Intially i had complaints about it because i am stepping out of my comfort more good friends near me. But later on i think..its actually good for me. Change is neccesary in order to improve. Although i know i am not really that welcomed…i will persevere..

Chinese oral was not so bad…but not so good as well. The essay reading was fine except for a few words. Conversation was not good…i understand what the examiner was saying but i cant relate it out in chinese. Seriously i got to read out  more chinese . Sweating non-stop during the whole oral.

Mid-year examinations are coming in a month’s time and SYF as well. Pressure is building up on me to do well in both areas. Slowly and steadily i will be fine.

Life is unfair…miserable..its true. Things happened at the time when you least expected. There are many angles to defining life. It could be positive also. And i choose to believe in that..what is the point of being pessmistic. I could have buckle under pressure by now if i am negative. Somehow the best way to keep yourself alive is by being positive.


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