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I just had an meaningless arguement with my stepmum. The word stepmum sounded very distant..yes i am not close to her even though i addressed her as auntie. For those who know both me and her…well i am not close to her. We had many arguements taking place all the time. And all these started because of small things that were not done properly and also behaviour. To give you a brief background so you can relate to my feelings, i am going to tell out what the argument was about. I will not remember it defintely by tomorrow morning.

I wanted to study in the dining room because of its spacious surroundings and windy.. i rarely study there but somehow i today wanted to. Then my stepmum went out of her room and started protesting..claiming that i last time complain about the living room being dim due to one of the light bulbs not working and in fact the dining room is more dimmer compared to it. This i really dont understand…what does it got to do with the living room? She then repeat that the dining room is dimmer than the living room…so i should not study there. This complaint was like many months ago and she brought it up…she was talking loudly at that point in time. Then i told her that i was watching tv at the living room at that time, and now i wanna study. Different activities…….no link! Even my dad agreed but she still could not accept it and stated that tomorrow she will get something to measure both lights and show which is dimmer. My dad and i were like…fine go ahead…we dont care. Stupid arguement! Where got link?

Good things should start at home…but how to when all these type of worthless arguements always occurs? Negative things….are there when they are not supposed to….

That is why i want to read motivational encourage myself ..give me strength..positive thinking.

I also want to thank God for the ability to forget unhappy things easily. This is one of the most wonderful things….

By tomorrow i will forget it…wont even mention it at all

Got chinese oral…will be preparing and guitar practises……….


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