March! is not refering to the month but the physical bodily movement. March is quite significant to me….it is like determination. No turning behind..move on in what you believe in…

Today was Friday! A day where people can cut some slack and relax…a day where almost everybody is looking forward to..including me. I really want to rest…but got to stay back for guitar. During guitar…it was not a practise is our body measurement for SYF costumes. So that all. Costume is nice…

Today was supposed to be my literature elective test part 2. Really looking forward to it as i want to get over…but my very kind teacher once again postponed to next week to help us learn more about a character. I am grateful for that but i feel that its just a waste of time. I am already prepared for it.

Blog is like reflecting and recounting what you did that day….

I dont recount…i reflect…

I am thinking what am i going to do in the future..after university. No dont think too far yet. I am planning to go junior college cause i haven decided on my area of interest. Business? Psychology? These two subjects are my interests currently. I know in university there is a business and psychology course. But business??

Then obviously i never know……..


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