You know

These past few days i have been very busy.. trying to complete e-learning homework and other stuff. E-Learning is like a online homework assignment where we are supposed to complete it by a certain time. And this is considered as our camp. What a boring one! Need to print out and do. What is  the purpose other than trying to educate us?

Today was the official day of lessons. Generally everything was fine..until CCA. Not many people came due to sport heats, Instructer was not too happy about it. He was mainly changing the guitar strings…but he still asked the few of us to practise in our own groups. We did practise but not all the time …got chit chatted a bit. What was unfortuante was that whenever he turned around to check on us…we were chit chatting and he just assumed that we never practise. Gotten lots of scoldings…..then we practise. Made mistakes, he made some negative comments. Really pissed me off. I know he is in a bad mood but do you need to vent out on us? We did practise and we hardly step out of the room. That is not the end yet…later Mrs Wong came. This time he shouted at us..really shocked and angry…

Actually before he shout, i already cooled down…no longer feeling angry..then he go shout…hais….

Tomorrow and saturday got guitar practise….go to go on….i will defintely forget this anger by tonight. I dont stay angry all the time.

Like in this wise quote which i saw on television while on the bus. We should feel sorrow, but not sink in it.

Economy….money…business…..downturn….all these are mentioned in the newspaper nowdays….people desperately looking for jobs….trying not to retrench workers. People finding management courses…and what am i doing? Studying… sec 3. I am not really worried……… i study and i thank God for that


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