Today i played badminton with jacqueline…a good workout for me. I joined her, her second sister and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was the best among the four of us. His reflexes was so fast….so good. And most likely i will be playing badminton again because when school reopens..Pe will be that. After that, i went to find fatin and qian ying. They were doing their literature project and soon i will be doing it as well because i am from lit elective. This project involves art……argh…….i am not really good at it..but still…need to do. Basically just chat with them all the way then i headed home.

Actually  today there is a strikeback camp. I went for that camp last year out of fun but really enjoyed it. I was disappointed that i wasnt informed…including some of the others. I only knew about it…like yesterday and it was through people’s blogs? Anyway i know that if i go…i may not really enjoy it because the people are not really close to me. I was just disheartened to know that i wasnt informed.

Move on to positive things…. let go and forget….be positive!


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