Today i went for guitar for the whole morning and afternoon. Mainly we did sectionals and refining on chess( one of the SYF songs) Today was also quite special because Madam Maiza came back…to lecture us..haha. But its worth it. She will only be back on 29th  april…i dont know why so long. She has been on leave since last year due to her pregnancy.

There was a lunch break. After having my lunch at central, i walked back and bumped into miss Tan, the vice-principal along the way. She asked me whether i am from 3e5 and i agreed. She told me that there will be a female student coming from Australia …if i am right ….to my class. I was so excited. Miss Tan was finding a buddy for her because she is a foreigner..but i could not be because she took pure literature and history i suggested a friend of mine.. she might be coming after the march holidays. Apprently i am not supposed to reveal this but i was too excited. If you read this and is from my class, dont say too much cause i am not 100% sure. But yes we will defintely have a new classmate and please treat her well. I believe my class will defintely be friendly to her.

How i wish my class could be a united one but it seems impossible. Especially since certain people look down on others just because of differences. But i hope that by next year…everyone will be okay with each other…no more insults….defintely need more class-bonding….

Tomorrow i will be playing badmintion with my primary school classmate. Looking forward to it……..


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