Weird…this picture…haha!

Finally March holidays are here but i am not totally free! Got guitar practises on tuesday and thursday. All for the sake of SYF…l cant help but think of the scoldings that the instructer scold…and its true.. Personally i feel that our guitar ensemble is not united enough. There is no passion or motivation that brings everyone together. Everybody got their own cliques. I am not trying to praise myself here. But seriously i have been helping out with the setting up of chairs and more…and also with the help of sec 2. And the setting up of chairs were always done by the same group of people and i really appreciate them for it. There are others who arrived early but just sit  there and start tuning their guitars without helping. Or even better…came late so that there is no need to set up at all. There is no unity at all. How can we perform better if we are not united in the first place? Team support is important!

Yesterday was the last day of term 1..gotten back my results…..



Maths: E8

Science: A2

Combined humans: B3

Pure history: B3


Yes…got to buck up for my maths…..but i am happy that this is the first time that i got b3 and above for all my other subjects!

Lost the debate round yesterday…sad….la….but its a good thing cause now i could focus more on my cca.



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