Well do not expect me to post everyday like i really used to. This whole week i did not came home for lunch. Staying back in school for CCAs and debate. Let me give you a brief summary on this week.

I was prepared for my chinese exams already and teacher did not come to school for chinese lessons on monday and tuesday. By the time, i took the exam on wednesday…my memory was not that good.. results was simply disappointing ..just pass…

On wednesday i went up the stage to receive a certi for the TJC debate,  was deeply thankful that no one booed me….yes i sound so pessmistic…but its a fact. I am not really that social type of person. When i went up, almost everyone was slient…which gave me some encouragement

Well..For CCA…..thank God…i am in SYF. But i got to refine my tremelo…it sounded so bad… Tuesday practises were fine…Thursdays practises were okay. Except that my mood was dampaned towards the end. Today ..well… we were all distracted..that the guitar session was not going on at all. I was distracted…

CA results: I gotten a A1 for my POA, B3 for history and the rest…idk

Debate motion was released today…i will be speaking for this round…and i really want to win! The taste of losing is just….bitter

After my disappointing results….i have told my self that i must improve and do very well to SA1 ..starting from today


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